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The development history of Flying Eagle Roller Skating:

In 2008, independent innovation, Flying Eagle Roller Skating first-generation roller skating product was fully launched

In 2010, went out of the country and entered the Southeast Asian market strongly

In 2013, the promotion of cultural communication, the establishment of the China Business Department, with a brand-new image at the Sports Expo, sponsor of the 3rd National Freestyle Skating Championship

In 2014, we went to the world, passed CE certification with excellent quality, and entered the European and American markets. The Flying Eagle Roller Skating Club was born, and the Global Flying Eagle Team was born one after another.

In 2015, brand-new technology, original double hardness shoe shell, birth of the comfort and wrapping of hard shell shoes, a higher level

In 2016, high-level products, flying eagle products were launched. Carbon fiber series, high-end speed skating products, and high-end freestyle products were fully launched.

In 2017, the Flying Eagle Club broke through one hundred, and national activities are in full swing

In 2018, the global tour started, and the giant flying eagle started the global tour, becoming the new love of roller skating club activities everywhere

In 2019, the number of clubs exceeded 200, and the "Flying Eagle Cup" event sweeps the country

In 2020, in the face of the sudden impact of the epidemic, Flying Eagle's global sales will ensure steady growth

In 2021, look forward to more unknowns, more brilliant movements, you and I will compose the same score


   Flying Eagle has its own perseverance, and finally went to the world. Today, you can see Feiying roller skating products in more than 50 countries around the world. This number is still rising steadily every year.

     Flying Eagle is world-renowned for its outstanding hard-surface shoes. The excellent comfort and quality make more free roller skating players favor our products. At the same time, diversified accessories also add a lot to our professionalism. In professional competitions at home and abroad, Feiying roller skating also won various awards.


     The "Flying Eagle Roller Skating Club" children's roller skating stadium led by Flying Eagle combines international ICP sports theory and practical experience, and more domestic and foreign roller skating children bring surprising changes. The children's roller skating shoes designed and produced by Flying Eagle are even more popular among roller skating teenagers in the world with their brilliant colors and excellent quality.


Face The World:
     Flying Eagle roller skating integrates R&D and production, cultural promotion, and service sales. It has established the Flying Eagle Roller Skating Club National Roller Skating Club National Chain Organization to provide high-quality services for more roller skating enthusiasts. Favored by professional players.


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